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This blog used to be just shoujo appreciation that focused more on the women and girls of anime instead of the dominating shounen characters.

However, it has evolved since when I first began to run it. It has become more of my anime Journal than an appreciation blog. I don't change the name because I'm pretty glued to it at this point, but you will see many different anime being posted here.

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I don’t rate/review anime. I just talk about what I liked/didn’t like and how I thought it went. >.< So if the following does not seem like a thorough review it’s because it’s not meant to be. ^_^;

My thoughts on Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?


This anime was a very… confusing one. It was a comedy, a drama, a harem, a magical girl and errmm, boy, a fighting, a little bit of everything anime. Although it was very entertaining to watch, it tried to hard to be too many things.

The best example of this is when Ayumu and Haruna both transformed into Masou Shoujos to get Yuu back. That was a very dramatic part in the anime and the mood was completely destroyed for me. Of course they fought zombie on zombie later.

The art style was OK. The animation wasn’t bad it just wasn’t excellent. You could tell when they used computer graphics, which can be an upside to some but to me, if I can tell it was done with a computer then it’s a no no. I liked all the character designs though. Yuu was my favorite, she was by far the most thought out character.

In fact, what kept the series going for me was the fact that Yuu was always the center of the storyline. At least the anime didn’t go crazy there. She was a very interesting and awesome character, like she belonged in an awesome shounen or something. When she finally spoke I was so FRICKEN HAPPY. (And when she sang it was the best!)

By the way it ended, I won’t be surprised if there is a second season. =D The pink haired girl looked pretty.

Mediocre art style, confusing genre and story, awesome characters. This anime did have a few laughs for me and I love Yuu and Ayumu so much that I’m going to keep this anime on my hard drive, however I’m only going to recommend this anime to people who have seen a ton of anime like I have. So if your iffy about anime as it is, don’t watch this, but if you want to see something not completely brilliant, but different, then watch it! ^_^

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